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my favorite!

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College is the biggest drag. I don’t want to go back. As grateful as I am, I can’t believe I, a young adult, am paying thousands of dollars for this.

I always want to explain this to male friends and have them understand.

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i was making a lot of mistakes and then my archery instructor said:

“you make mistakes because you’re focusing on the target and not on your actions”

and i was like woah

thanks for giving me the best life advice i’ve ever gotten

guys just think about how applicable this is to EVERYFUCKINGTHING

this is basically how I learned to bowl

I wish I had thought about this 3 years ago.

† One Photoset Per Music Video (Green Day) / Working Class Hero

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On average, you have a 1 in 18,989 chance of being murdered

A trans person has a 1 in 12 chance of being murdered

The average life span of a cis person is about 75-90 

The average life expectancy of a trans person is 23-30 years old

75% of people killed in anti LGBT hate crimes are poc

Think about this the next time you go crying over “cisphobia” and “reverse racism”


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breaks down

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"i walk this empty street, on the boulevard of broken dreams"

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"Money won’t make you happy"

Yeah, financial stability is just horrible

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Anaconda video got me like


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I’ve said this before and I’ll point it out again -

Menstruation is caused by change in hormonal levels to stop the creation of a uterine lining and encourage the body to flush the lining out. The body does this by lowering estrogen levels and raising testosterone.

Or, to put it more plainly “That time of the month” is when female hormones most closely resemble male hormones. So if (cis) women aren’t suited to office at “That time of the month” then (cis) men are NEVER suited to office.

If you are a dude and don’t dig the ladies around you at their time of the month, just think! That is you all of the time.

And, on a final note, post-menopausal (cis) women are the most hormonally stable of all human demographics. They have fewer hormonal fluctuations of anyone, meaning older women like Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren would theoretically be among the least likely candidates to make an irrational decision due to hormonal fluctuations, and if we were basing our leadership decisions on hormone levels, then only women over fifty should ever be allowed to hold office.



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Eat THAT, hormone-snipers!

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"Racism isn’t born, folks. It’s taught. I have a 2-year-old son. Know what he hates? Naps. End of list."

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